Equipment for Sulphur Recovery Units

Specialized from the Start

In the late 1950’s the Duiker en Co’s Fabriek van Apparaten en Werktuigen was contracted to build the first Lyunet Multiple Vortex burner. Uniquely this burner was designed specifically for use in a Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU). This new unit had, after the improving of the Claus process by I.G. Farbenindustrie in 1938, become the predominant method to process the sulphur contained in oil and gas. Looking back we can confidently acknowledge that both the burner technology as well as the modified Claus process have since revolutionized the industry. Proudly we still consider Duiker Combustion Engineers one of the front runners in this industry today.

Burners for SRU’s

Our original 1950’s portfolio contained main, in-line, reducing gas generator and incinerator burners. Since then, things have changed. Our global experience and technology-focused innovation have allowed us to push the limits of combustion system design – whether using normal air, enriched air or pure oxygen. For instance, Duiker built the world’s first oxygen enriched burners for sulphur recovery units. From the smallest main burner handling three metric tonnes of sulphur per day, to our larger main burners that can handle 2,500 metric tonnes of sulphur per day, Duiker continues to supply the best quality combustion equipment in the industry.