Tailored Process Combustion Equipment

A Technological Leader

Process combustion equipment is susceptible to a variety of factors such as feed gas impurities, demands for increased reliability and throughput increases, all of which constantly challenge optimal design and implementation. At Duiker, we use our frequent on-site involvement to provide real-world feedback to our research department. It is a proactive, research-focused approach that does more than just provide solutions to these problems – it also keeps us on the forefront of innovation, and has made us the clear technological leader for process combustion equipment.

Tailored Design

Duiker’s team of dedicated engineers has successfully completed thousands of projects worldwide, but we don’t simply provide cookie-cutter solutions. Every company is unique, and has its own set of challenges, so we use the feedback we receive to provide you with the information you need during every step of the project. The advantages are clear: tailored equipment designs that provide optimal process performance, reliability and flexibility. The benefit for your bottom line is clear too: less unscheduled downtime, the prevention of adverse conditions to your downstream equipment and a better performing combustion system.