Main Burners

Combustion technology to get the most out of your plant

The main burner is the heart of a sulphur recovery unit, and it plays an integral role in the thermal stage. First, it must generate the correct Claus stoichiometry by transforming one third of the feed gas’ hydrogen sulfide into sulphur dioxide. Second, it must be able to destroy feed gas impurities – mostly ammonia, carcinogenic heavy hydrocarbons and even toxic hydrogen cyanide (also known as prussic acid). The complete destruction of these impurities is important, because they can irreversibly plug condensers, downstream analyzer lines, catalyst pores, and result in low quality ‘grey’ sulphur.

A history of innovation

Stricter emission regulations and increasingly sour crudes mean that our industry must constantly innovate. One example of this is oxygen enrichment, which was spearheaded by Duiker in the world’s first commercially operated oxygen enriched burners, which are still operating widely today. Continuous design improvements have pushed burner efficiency even further. Lean or rich feeds, impurities, two or two thousand tonnes a day, our main burners will provide optimal results.

A proven market leader

Duiker is the absolute market leader in this technology, and has supplied hundreds of these main burners across the globe – clear confirmation of embedded technology that is valued throughout the industry.