About Us

Pushing the limits of technology

Our original 1950’s portfolio contained main, in-line, reducing gas generator and incinerator burners. Since then, things have changed. Our global experience and technology-focused innovation have allowed us to push the limits of burner design – whether using normal air, enriched air or pure oxygen. For instance, Duiker  built the world’s first oxygen enriched burners for sulphur recovery units. From the smallest main burner handling three tonnes of sulphur per day, to our main burners that can handle 2,000 tonnes per day, Duiker continues to supply the best quality combustion equipment in the industry.

Partnership alliances that make us stronger

Duiker has also forged strong alliances with the providers of auxiliary equipment, and we are a prime international supplier for equipment used within several licensed processes. This puts us in a good position to help you achieve the best possible solution for your company. Whether you need one piece of equipment or a complete unit, a complete turn-key solution or a partner to fully manage your project from the initial concept through to start-up, the knowledge and technical expertise of Duiker and its partners can provide a truly tailor-made solution.